Professional Speed Drying Services

At Chem-Dry Central we have a vast range of latest technology and specialist equipment and backed by expert knowledge in the field of specialist drying. We can undertake a drying programme for any type, size or construction of property and alongside our technical advice, your property or premises is safe in our hands.

About Our Specialist Thermal Drying Equipment

We understand the science behind specialist drying of buildings and how this can be used to decrease drying times and disruption at your home or premises. We can deploy the latest innovative, energy-efficient dehumidification technology to ensure complete control over your drying programme with our extensive range of thermal drying equipment.

thermal drying system
leak detection equipment

Expert Speed Drying for Water Damaged Properties In Nottingham & Derby

Our specialist speed drying equipment can be deployed where business interruption or alternative accommodation is a concern. Using our advanced speed drying system, buildings can be dried in a matter of hours or days rather than using traditional methods, which can take weeks or even months. Efficiency and financial savings are the results of deploying such a system. If your property or premises needs to be dried ASAP get in touch for more details on how we can help.

Injection & Pressure Drying Systems

Pressure drying systems, also known as injection drying, are normally utilised to dry moisture trapped within a layered construction, such as insulated floors and cavity walls. Modern properties, built in the last thirty years largely include insulation within the floor and wall construction and this should be considered as part of the overall drying plan.

In most instances, pressure drying systems can be utilised to dry layered floor and wall constructions to avoid the need for major strip-outs, therefore reducing the cost of building strip out and repairs which often lead to a requirement for alternative accommodation. We can also utilize innovative remote monitoring systems to ensure we have real-time information on site conditions to ensure the best drying conditions are obtained and maintained throughout the drying life cycle.

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