Leak Detection Services - Trace & Access

For most home and business owners, the most difficult aspect of suffering a leak is working out where it’s coming from and catching it before it causes severe issues. In most cases, our work is covered by home insurance policies under ‘trace & access’

Leak Detection Specialists In Nottingham, Derby & Loughborough

If you’ve noticed an unexplained drop in water pressure, a rise in your water bill or water damage to floors and walls, this could be because of a leak. If you are concerned you may have a leak, you will need professional assistance to ensure it is dealt with safely and effectively. Our leak detection methods are ideal for pinpointing a leak that your plumber can’t find, maybe because its hidden behind floorboards, walls or cupboards. Our experienced engineers will be able to trace the leak and pinpoint the problem in the least destructive way possible.

Your insurance policy may not offer cover for trace and access works or your insurers may require sight of a trace and access report before considering your claim. On completion of a leak detection survey, you will be issued with a comprehensive report which will include photographs, findings and recommendations. You can then arrange for a plumber to repair the leak and we can also provide recommendations for drying and reinstating your property if this is required.

Moisture Surveys, Tracer Gas, Thermography & More

At Chem-Dry Central, we offer a leak detection service that’s second to none in the UK, dealing with leaks quickly and efficiently and using non-invasive techniques. From our trace and access service to our moisture surveys and tracer gas work, we strive to ensure your problem is solved

Tracer gas is used to detect leaks where the water pipe is not under pressure. Pipes are emptied of water and filled with gas, whereby our monitors can detect where gas is escaping and locate the source of the leak.

Thermography, best used for detecting hot water leaks, is a method applied to pipework that is embedded in concrete floors or behind walls. Using a thermal imaging camera, we can detect thermal energy, allowing us to locate and deal with leaks safely.

Salts analysis and dye testing is a simple chemical test used to identify whether the damage is caused by an ingress of groundwater, rainwater or drains. Simple, effective and instant.

Asbestos sampling is carried out by our trained professionals, whereupon any Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) is taken for sampling. Once we have received the results, we can offer the appropriate advice and action on how asbestos can be treated and what impact it will have on the required restoration works as soon as possible.

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Leak Detection for your business or industrial premises

Leaking pipework on a business or industrial premises may be extremely difficult to locate and as a result, could cause very large amounts of water loss and high water bills.

Our Leak detection surveys are designed to pinpoint the leaking pipework in the least intrusive manner to save you time and money and reduce the inconvenience to your business.

Our engineers are guided by strict health and safety procedures, carry ID cards and are DBS checked meaning they have all the right qualifications to work at business premises of any size or type.

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